Corporate and Business Law

The broad background of our lawyers includes education and experience in business administration, accounting and tax, in addition to law. Additionally, Fisher & Sauls offers to its clients the opportunity to participate in our "Corporate Service Program," a system of annual maintenance of a corporation's books, minutes, meetings and reports.

We handle a broad range of business matters, including, tax planning, mergers and acquisitions. Our clients include both large and small manufacturers, retailers and businesses involved in medical services and manufacturing, research and development, banking, insurance, real estate development, automobile sales, food products, lumber and farming. We represent businesses in a variety of areas including:

  •  General contract negotiation and preparation.
  •  Mergers and acquisitions
  •  Business ownership or asset sales.
  •  Bank acquisitions, regulation and operations.
  •  Licensing and distribution agreements.
  •  International lending.
  •  Corporate formation and governance.
  •  Limited and general partnerships, professional associations, limited liability companies and joint ventures.
  •  Agreements governing stockholder relationships, stock options and voting trusts.
  •  Capital raising efforts through common stock, limited partnerships and debentures.
  •  Regulatory filings for business entities, UCC security interests, trademarks and copyright.
  •  Coordination of business planning with retirement and estate planning for business succession.
  •  Creation of Family Limited Partnerships to meet both business and estate planning needs.
  •  Development and maintenance of qualified and non-qualified employee benefit and compensation plans.